Let’s talk about it!

ezgif-com-crop-2During this pull-out session (we refer to pull-out when we get the students out of their classroom and bring them to the Learning Center) we worked on Mondo discussions. These are very important for us! These improve kids imagination, oral language abilities, communication strategies and with this exercise (taught by Mr. Vincent Ventura), their writing skills! Here we worked with 6 first graders in two separate groups of three kids.






This is the picture students were looking at, for about 3 minutes before they could even say a word. It’s important for them to look closely and then organise their thoughts.



These are the results of students ideas. The most important fact about this activity is that kids are the AUTHORS of their story. Me, the teacher, only help them write their story, as a SECRETARY.


Can you tell students had a great time writing the story for this image?













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